Monday, March 5, 2007

Maine & Moose

I have lived in Maine for about five years now, not counting a summer of blueberry raking ( if you don't know what blueberry raking is, then you don't want to know, its one of those things that is best left a mystery, If you DO know about blueberry raking or perhaps even done it, then you are at this very minute rubbing your shoulder, just the thought makes you in bad need of a chiropractor!)

I am told there are moose here, great big rambling beasts of the forest, as my mother-in-law puts it "funny Dr. Seuss creations". I have written on this before. Apparently I was deemed worthy (five years must be the mandatory time in) because today I saw one, It was staked out in a driveway wondering if the Realtor would ever show up, there was a line of people on the Opposite side of the road, taking snapshots and darn it all I would have joined them if I had taken my camera, but I didn't. The moose ( a cow ) looked very bored and in my opinion not so pleased at the paparazzi. We were only stopped for a second because there was a line up of cars behind us and they were either flipping us off, the line of people on the shoulder of the road or the moose, or most likely all three.
I want to dash back and join the paparazzi but I am pretty sure she's gone, the house didn't look like such a great deal to me.

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