Monday, April 2, 2007

Finally, its been a while I know

I am still alive. Yea.
Would you believe that it is snowing?raining a little too, but also definitely snow.
Els has discovered her feet, she now holds on to them every chance she gets ( maybe she's afraid of losing them again? )
I finished Aveyond, beat the bad guy and all that, it is a fun game. (repeat)
A website you should check out if you like fonts: . I think I will add some of my favorite links to the permanent info on the front of mamacow, look for that, also a playlist of my favorite music, be wary of that though because I really do like a bit of everything.
April already, I didn't play a single Aprils fools joke yesterday :( ah well there is always next year, if I remember :)
Joff has plans for a huge garden this year, there are little cups all over the house in every window and every available shelf, little green shoots are coming up and Joff has transplanted to bigger cups for some of the taller plants.
Stripes says meow.

Today, if you are not confused, you are just not thinking clearly- U. Peter

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