Thursday, April 26, 2007

April 26 2007

On again, off again that's what the weather is!
Katie will be reading at the Authors Tea at school on the 2nd (of May, that is) I am very excited for her, more so because the teacher must think Katie has progressed enough to participate (progressed out of her Shy Shell, that is)
So YEA! for Katie.

Everett loves to work, Everyday he gets up ready to put on his boots and run out and work with his dad, its very cute, he has a little sunburned face:) He will come running in ever so often to have me fill his cup with water and then run back out to work again, the plus side he has started to take naps again and will still be ready for bed at 8:00 ( I bumped back his bedtime a half hour) so he works pretty hard, they have been digging ditches and cutting down brush hauling logs, Everett's specialty is hauling logs and brush, he's very good at that.

Elly has been showing her Hippo side (hey Elly and Felicity look alike, why not the same temperament!).

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Jackie said...

hey whats up yo!
i know that people can be mean but stay in there, stand tall!