Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Daily Report


We have received more snow and have been promised more, I am contemplating putting the Christmas tree back up.
I was in Wal*Mart today, they have out shorts and swimsuits, outdoor summer toys, now you have to remember two things

1. Its the middle of April, so those things might not sound so unusual.
2.When I walked in the store, It was snowing and there was already two feet on the ground, with (as I mentioned before) a promise of more snow and no end in sight.
3. Don't forget about Global Warming and all those poor Polar Bears, if it gets to cold in there native lands, we have the cold and I am sure we can squeeze in a few some where around here.

I know I said two but I could help but slip in a third.

I am still playing around with a logo for my photography, I haven't come up with anything I really like.

And for a child report:
Evs likes to have sword fights, his new trick is to "die" in slow motion and on the carpet, so he will run to the carpet and proceed to groan and turn every which way whilst falling to the floor, then when he is done twitching, he rolls his head to the side and sticks his tongue out.
I swear I have no clue where he learned that!
He expects to be tickled after. If he new how he would also probably ask for a Scooby Snack.

Katie wrote out the Alphabet on my counter in red permanent marker. She did a very good job.

Felicity likes to sneak out of bed in the middle of the night so she can play with her sisters Ponies and Petshops and I suspect a couple of dinosaurs.

Alice can pour chocolate milk for the cats and the dog without spilling a drop.

Els likes to sing to her toes.

Aren't they all talented:)

Life is rather like a tin of sardines-where all of us looking for the key. Alan Bennet

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