Wednesday, April 4, 2007

This and That

We went to Bangor yesterday, It was fun. I love to shop! We got the girls new Easter dresses and Evs an Easter outfit, he won't wear button ups and vests and its not worth the fight so we bought him just a shirt and pant set with dinosaurs, he picked it out himself and loves it, besides it was on sale and cheap! I bought the clothes at the Burlington Coat Factory, my absolute favorite place to buy clothes.
It snowed, I believe I mentioned that, I posted pics of the recent snowfall on my Favorite blog.

My brother Michael is divorced, his (now ex) kind of went crazy (my opinion). My brother James is moving with his sister Melissa and her kids to Mo. I hope he will be happy wherever he goes.

We rented Charlottes Web and I have to say it was a HUGE disappointment, don't bother watching it, the voice of Charlotte was done by Julia Roberts and its horrible, her voice drives me crazy throughout the movie.
We also watched Eregon, it was okay, predictable and seemed like a amateur job over all, I wouldn't recommend it and won't watch it again, I haven't read the books, I intend to though and then we shall see how well the movie was followed.

Time for breakfast!

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