Saturday, December 6, 2008

Catnip for Kids

That's what Christmas is.
Just the mention that Christmas is a mere 19 days away sends my kids screaming for joy, climbing walls and running in circles till they pass out.
Don't tell my kids but if I here another performance of "We wish you a merry Christmas" I might cry or scream or check into the nearest asylum, maybe a combination of all three.
And then of course we have one kid who is totally NOT getting it, everyday he reminds us that he needs to go buy presents for himself, so he can wrap them, then unwrap them and scream for joy (again).
Where is January when you need it?

P.S Did you check out Giraffic Design yet? You didn't did you, well its never to late and I am going to be posting some Christmas coloring pages on Monday, check it out, check it out:)

P.S.S My fabulously talented SIL Patty is going to be opening her Baby Accessories store in just a few short weeks, as soon as I get a link I will post it:)

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