Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cinnamon-Orange Chocolate-Chip Cookies

Oh I know I was going to do a Christmas Goodies post and I will but I it will have to wait till next week, as I am jam packed this week with other things ( like watching the entire last two seasons of CSI, lol, I wish......). Anywhoo for our cookie swap I made Cinnamon Orange Chocolate chip cookies, they were surprisingly good and if cooked for just the right amount of time are perfect, I am not fond of crunchy cookies but if you cook them too long dip them in milk and they are back to there nummy goodness:)
Okay then this link-a-dink will take you to the Taste of Home page featuring this exotic classic.
Oh one more thing, for some bizarre reason they ask you to roll out your dough and then cut the cookies, well I just don't think so, no way, uh no thank you, use a cookie scoop, tablespoon, make them rounded little dough balls, they will taste way better.
Go on then, bake and be merry:).

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Valerie said...

This recipe looks really good. I don't like crunchy cookies either so I'll have to give them a try.

(From a stranger out in cyberworld)