Saturday, December 27, 2008

On the Surface

Did everyone have a fantastical magical Christmas? We did, kids woke up whooped and hollered because Santa had not only come and left there stockings full of wonder he had also eaten there not so edible sugar cookies and the reindeer had nibbled at our soggy carrots, he truly is a great guy.
I won't bore you with what we all got, girls got girl things, boys got boy things etc. I on the other hand must tell you about something I got! I received the ginormous edition of the Uncle Johns Bathroom reader, a series of books that I not only revere but will become the core curriculum of any homeschooling I might do in the future (pray for my poor children:)

But I am impatient there are so many tales to tell from the last couple of days but I have to tell this one the most:

I was driving on our road back to my house when around the corner comes a man walking down the road, it was apparent from the direction he was coming from that he had been walking for a little while, he was not an old man, perhaps Joff's age, he was not dressed well for the weather which was a balmy 12 degrees, as I drove passed him I slowed down and noticed that he was carrying a beautifully wrapped package in his hand and for some reason I went" wow!" Oh I don't know who he is, who the package was for or anything else, but it struck me as so wonderful somehow.

One last time.
Merry Christmas and love to you all.

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