Sunday, November 23, 2008

It has been one of those Twilight zone days

Sundays can get that way sometimes around here.

I have been cleaning, organizing and getting ready for the Christmas season, I have dug out all the Christmas stuff, found all my scrapbook paper, made a list of stuff to get that I don't have. Like Glitter. I found this marvelous bottle of Glitter, the most beautiful glitter in the whole wide world, it even came with a handy dandy shaker top and a little handle, it came in white and silver, gold and green and red and I want them all, I want them all!
But at $9 bucks a bottle I must remain sad and alone and without that super duper glitter.
(or maybe I will collect them all one month at a time!)

I am missing ornaments for the tree, but have enough lights for the entire White House, I have garlands which my sweet little kittens have shredded and I have re-arranged my living room for our tree. Can you tell I am just a tad excited?:)

But this is the week! The week to be thankful and eat and have fun with family! As much as I have been going on and on about Christmas, Thanksgiving truly is my favorite holiday.
So today I am Thankful for Family, I love my family every single one of them:)

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