Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I do not know why people say "Happy" Veterans day. There is nothing happy about it, there is pride and gratitude, but there is also sadness, loss, heartache and sadly there are those who do not understand what our military men and woman do for them, they take for granted what is so generously given.
Our Military can't catch a break, They are the ones who put there families, hopes and dreams on hold for us the rest of America, they are the ones that must risk there lives for ours, they are the ones that must live for the rest of there life with the images of war inside them. Not just on Veterans day should we share our appreciation, but everyday, and not just to the soldiers themselves but by how we take care of our country and how we defend our freedoms in public and private, because those freedoms our a gift they give us by there service.

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