Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just to prove I am totally mental...............

Yesterday, if you happened upon my blog at a certain time you would have seen a post that is no longer there. It was one of my confessions. I felt you weren't ready. But since you appear to be so sad at missing such a grand opportunity to get practice in for your future job as either a Priest or a Blackmailer, I shall give you one of my deepest darkest secrets.
Are you ready?

Are you sure? Because I am about to divulge.

I eat bacon bits, I go thru bottles of them, I have been known to carry a bottle in my bag (right next to the chocolate) I have one in my computer desk and I put them on everything, I love them so much I even tried them on ice cream once and well I love them a lot but don't put them on ice cream, trust me on that one. I am not particular about brand, I have tried pretty much all of the them. I cannot quit. I am not ashamed, I do not need bacon bit rehab. I am fine.

Is your need to know everyone's dark and dirty secret satisfied for the moment? I hope so, but that was hard, way hard.

A world full of Kristal clones would be very, very scary. Terrifying. I am going to hide from myself in the closet....................................with my bacon bits.

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